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The Golden Keys Of Ireland

- Posted on: 14/03/2018 -


Bishops Gate Hotel Concierge Becomes First Clef d’Or Member in The Walled City


Head Concierge at Bishops Gate Hotel Derry, Gary Kennedy, has recently been installed as a full member of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or, The Golden Keys Of Ireland.

Gary is pictured wearing the crossed Golden Keys on his lapels which are presented upon successfully completing the criteria for membership and are “your guarantee that you are in the care of a professional, dedicated to maximising the potential of your visit, whether for business of pleasure.”

As Gerry McKeever, Society Member, quoted Gary has earned his keys “on merit and through our motto "In Service Through Professionalism and Friendship "

Les Chef d’Or is a worldwide organisation which, through their network of service providers aims to cater for every guest request.

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Golden Keys Of Ireland