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Wedding Inspiration

- Posted on: 12/08/2017 -

Wedding Planning Inspiration 


Our team of experienced wedding coordinators have shared some of their favourite details of weddings we have hosted to date and advice for couples planning their dream day. 


Personalised Wedding Ceremonies

Bishops Gate Hotel is a licensed wedding venue which allows our wedding couples to host their full day celebrations in our venue. This allows couples to spend more time with their loved ones and less time travelling or worrying about being stuck in traffic.

Ceremonies we have hosted to date include personal touches such as family members reading Dr Seuss Poems, a handfasting ceremony where loved ones present the couple with coloured ribbons representing different aspects of life and our favourite – a young member of the bridal party bringing in coloured sand for the unity ceremony on their tractor.

 wedding ceremony


Including aspects of your personality 

Our very first wedding was in July 2016, Rachel and Samson included elements of their day which reflected their interest in superheroes, this included naming their guest tables, designing a table plan which incorporated this design and having a “grooms cake” in a superhero design which was a surprise on the day for Samson. This photo of Samson and his bridal party shows another secret detail they included:

 samson bridal party

Photo credit: Stephen Latimer Photography

When it comes to wedding cake design every couple has different ideas and not all couples are choosing to have a traditional cake - one of our couples enjoy cheese so opted for a selection of local cheeses styled in the same tiered design as a traditional wedding cake. 

Wedding Cheese Cake



Breaking the rules & expecting the unexpected

There are no set rules anymore when planning a wedding, the day is about celebrating with loved ones in the way that you feel comfortable, creating memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Whether it is choosing to have a round banquet table for your bridal table, a larger table for 20 guests or having a small intimate service and dinner for just the wedding couple and 4 guests our team will endeavour to create your unique wedding vision.

One aspect of wedding planning which our couples have no control over is the weather and so we always remind couples not to worry if it rains on their day as we have lots of beautiful locations within the hotel for capturing family portraits and images that will bring back wonderful memories for years to come.  

There is a belief that rain on your wedding day is actually a positive sign, when couples marry they are "tying the knot" and as everyone will know trying to undo a knot when it is wet is a lot harder!

On your day it is time for our wedding couples to step back, relax and enjoy the day leaving our team to take care of all the details.


Louise Brolly Photography

Photo Credit: Louise Brolly Photography

Ali And Michelle Roff Image

Photo credit: Bernard Ward Photography


Laura Rob

 Photo Credit: Yez Photography

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