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History of Bishop’s Gate Hotel

In 1880 the Northern Counties Club was formed in the city by members of the local gentry who had served during the Crimean War. Originally meeting in No. 3 St. Columb’s Court the popularity of the club necessitated the purchase of larger premises and so at the end of the 19th Century the present building, which at the time was used as 2 private residential buildings, was acquired for £1200.

Renowned architect Alfred A Forman was responsible for remodelling the building and the club then opened its doors in 1902. It featured a billiards room, library and catering facilities with accommodation provided later and offered a base for businessmen and intellects of the city to meet and discuss ideas and plans with which to develop the city’s industries. Throughout the years of use by the Northern Counties Club there have been many famous visitors – including Winston Churchill, W.B. Yeats, Field Marshalls Montgomery and Alexander and artist Derek Hill.

Through sympathetic restoration of the original and adjoining buildings, this unique venue which is now Bishop’s Gate Hotel, retains its character, period charms and its historic splendour. With the utmost care and attention the building has been redeveloped and restored so as to continue its celebrated legacy well into the 21st Century and for generations to come, providing a place to meet, eat and sleep.

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